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If you would like to be part of the project, you can join our mailing list by e-mailing us at All are welcome.

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Get your own camera and join us!

Aotearoa New Zealand needs more camera stations to provide comprehensive coverage of the southern skies. There are several mountable camera options. The cameras come with completely automated software so that you can passively participate, knowing the camera is collecting data, or you can actively take part by learning how to use the data to triangulate meteors and fireballs. In all cases, we will provide advice and help with configuration.

Raspberry Pi Meteor Station (RMS)

These cameras are easy to build and capture an area of the sky 90o wide by 45o high. Comprehensive instructions for ordering parts and assembling the system are available here and You Tube-based help with assembly can be found here. The cost of parts is about NZ$500. RMS cameras are also built in NZ by Fireballs Aotearoa volunteers. The cost of these assembled camera systems is currently $550, including postage. You can observe what the camera capture each night here: Please e-mail if you are interested.


For individuals wanting all-sky coverage in colour video footage, an AllSky7 setup is a great choice. These one dome systems comprise 7 cameras and one fish-eye lens that give full-sky coverage at a location. The cameras run in colour, generate wonderful videos, and run day and night. AllSky7 systems cost around $2500 if built in New Zealand by Fireballs Aotearoa volunteers. We must bulk order the parts, which means that there May be a wait for a camera until there is sufficient interest. For more information, see